About Us

MTG combines a passion for creating memorable events and a deep understanding of unique venues.

MTG Began with Friendship

This blossomed into a partnership dedicated to helping clients with events of all types and sizes. Since 2013, MTG has been working in Washington, D.C. to create meaningful event programs, sell wedding venues, and create new event programs.

Advice that evolved into a new career

In 2016, we were approached by a former client who needed advice on how to market and sell the U.S National Arboretum for private events. The lightbulb went off when we realized others could benefit from our event venue expertise. We now create events at the National Arboretum and 1615 @ Dupont Circle and help venues start new event programs.


MTG's Leading Lady

  • Natalie Thomas

    Founder, Events Director

    Natalie first learned the fundamentals of customized VIP concierge service while working as a staffer in both Senate and House Congressional offices.  Natalie’s first events job was in 2004 coordinating Fox Entertainment Group’s DC events – including movie premieres for Congressional members and CEOs and the American Idol party for congressional staff. At each step in her career, she perfected her rare ability to look at events through the eyes of the attendees themselves and give each attendee star treatment.


    In 2011, Natalie started NTDC, a small boutique fundraising and event shop in Washington, D.C. managing large corporate donors for political campaigns, three political action committees, creating event programs for associations, and managing small conferences for business groups. She collaborated with former co-founder Courtney McNeese on the creation of the Inc. Military Entrepreneur Program.


    Natalie grew up in Texas, graduated from Boise State University and lives in Washington, D.C. Her hobbies include Peloton cycling, plant-based cuisine and spending time with her cats, Crookshanks & Mr. Giles. She sits on the Board of Directors for MPI Potomac Chapter, the largest member association for event professionals.

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